Statistics of the gaming hardware and software

If you need figures or maybe just an idea of what hardware and software the gaming public is using, it’s all out there, gathered and published by the big boys:

> 100

There are only a few days left until this blog turns one year old, and today, according to Feedburner, it has 104 feed subscriptions. 103 plus the one I use to check everything is working fine. That doesn’t really mean anything: it first went above 100 about two or three weeks ago, to fall back immediately after, and did so a few more times, just like it probably will in the upcoming days. But still, symbolic number and all that.

To continue with figures, this post is the 88th, and there 14 comments so far, not many but of a great value on average (of course that doesn’t include the hundreds that get filtered every week by the spam filter). By the way, you see that cliff near the center? It was in May and I believe it was due to a mention from Timothy Lottes on his blog. The number of subscribers basically almost doubled in a week.

A quote stuck in my head after a friend of mine was being sarcastic about new blogs: “let’s see if it’s still alive after 50 posts and as many subscribers”, he said (or something close; that was years ago). So I guess this blog is well alive by these standards.

Anyway, I just meant to thank you all for reading.