Julien Guertault (Zavie)

Myself, shooting

Hello and welcome,
My name is Julien, some know me as Zavie, and I am your host on this insignificant corner of the Internet.

I work as a graphics programmer in Tokyo (résumé here). On my spare time I am an amateur photographer (see my work on Flickr) and I am active in the demoscene as part of the French demogroup Ctrl-Alt-Test.

I share things of interest, mostly consisting in 3D rendering and photography on a web log: Light is Beautiful.

I also write randoms things on Lousodrome. Posts there are in French exclusively, and they tend to be a bit long and very infrequent.

My tutorial on OpenGL (version ≤ 2) is outdated but can still be a good start for beginners, and it seems to be appreciated, so here it is: Yet another OpenGL tutorial.

A couple of years ago I wrote a basic web picture gallery, Illustrated, but development is completely stalled.

You can get in touch with me via Twitter: @Zavie.