Illustrated, a Web picture gallery

Illustrated is aiming to provide a way to share picture and photos in a structured way. Therefore just like most other web galleries, a title and a description can be added to each photo. But pictures can also be presented as groups within chapters, where they illustrate the text.

I started developping it because although there are many Web galleries already, none was made to do what I wanted to do. The project is very young and therefore much features are too be implemented.

You can see Illustrated in action here.


Current version is 0.12 (alpha). While it misses many features, it works, but administration might not result straight forward for end user yet.

Everything is on If you are familiar with Subversion, I recommend you to get the svn snapshot rather than the tarball, updated less often.

What is Illustrated, and what it is not

How to install it

Illustrated should work on any system as long as PHP, MySQL, and ImageMagick or GD are present. Since it is still at an early development stage, it does not include yet a guided installation, so you will have to set it up manually. This is quite simple though.

Edit the connect.php and index.php files, then just upload all PHP and CSS files in a directory of your web space, and create a directory called pictures with permissions for writing.

Create the database. To do so, if you have access to a command line, just run the following line with your own MySQL login and password.
mysql -ulogin -ppassword < illustrated.sql

If you have access to a phpMyAdmin interface, you can use it to import the file. Just pay attention to the maximum file size.

At last, if you do not have other option left (which would be surprising), you can write a PHP script to build the database. I will write one later.

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