Making the subtle obvious, follow-up

A couple of months ago I was posting here about this SIGGRAPH publication on amplification of details in a video. Yesterday the New York Times put online a story as well as a video on the topic, with explanations from the authors and some new examples.

Making the subtle obvious

Take a video, decompose it into several frequency components, filter and amplify each one, recompose them back to an output video, profit. Nuit-Blanche mentioned this paper presented earlier this year at SIGGRAPH. I never thought you could actually detect the blood flow from a simple video…

Update: more to see in this follow-up post.

Capturing and rendering tiny details

Not so long ago I discovered this article presenting the CLEAN mapping technique used in Civilization V to manage how detail gets filtered with distance. I found the side effect of emerging anisotropic surfaces very seducing.

This week Angelo Pesce wrote some thoughts on how the problem of how to represent and render detail in general, how normal maps are not so well suited and what can be done instead.