Gantz Graf

From the Wikipedia article:

Gantz Graf is a three-track EP released by Autechre in 2002 on CD and 12″. A special DVD release was made available featuring the “Gantz Graf” video created by Alex Rutterford […].

The video features an abstract object (or an agglomeration of objects) synchronized to the sounds in the music as it morphs, pulsates, shakes, and finally dissolves.

Pretty old material already, but very worth watching as it is a reference in glitch animation style.

Paths of Hate

Paths of Hate is one of the many animations that were shown at the Computer Animation Festival at SIGGRAPH 2011, and among the ones that drew most attention (it was awarded the Jury Award). Directed by Damian Nenow, the film explores in a comic style how deep hatred can go. Unfortunately I haven’t found the long version on Internet, only the following trailer. If you have the opportunity to see the full version, do not miss it.