The science gap

I mentioned before the video by cartoonist Jorge Cham, illustrating the explanations of a CERN researcher on the Large Hadron Collider and the Higgs boson. This video was great and explained in layman’s terms the matter (pun intended) of this huge research project.

Today I watched a TEDx talk by Jorge Cham, tackling with what he refers to as the science gap, between the people who do science, and the general public. A part of his talk explains the story behind the Higgs Boson animation, and this story alone makes the talk worth watching.

My top four favourite TED talks

In no particular order, here are four TED talks I keep getting back to, which makes me think they are my four favourites.

TED talk about femto photography

I already mentioned the camera built by a team in the MIT Media Lab, allowing with its trillions of frame per second, to capture the propagation of light or to see around corners.

TED published a video of the talk given by Ramesh Raskar, where he presents this work and the new possibilities it opens.