Mesh generation in Farbrausch demos

Back in 2007, the German demogroup Farbrausch was releasing its masterpiece, fr-041 Debris. Aside from the artistic qualities of this demo, it is impressive by its size: just 177kB worth of binary, for a seven minutes long full featured animation. The equivalent of a mere ten seconds of mp3 of poor quality. Size coding at work.

Reaching such a result requires dedicated tools, compression of course, but more importantly, content generation. Fabian Giesen offered in a recent blog post to give some details of the techniques used for this demo. After a quick poll, he decided to start with mesh generation, hence the first post of a very promising series: Half-edge based mesh representations: theory.

Representing a mesh with half-edges (picture stolen from the aforementioned article; diagrams that took this much time to create are worth showing ;) )