Matrix and Quaternion FAQ

Although its caveats, a classic on the web and still a useful resource, here is the most recent version I found of the: Matrix and Quaternion FAQ.

Warning: the document I’m linking here has been orphaned for many years and might still contain errors. Moreover, the links are broken on this version hosted on Java 3D (they’re not on the even older, Princeton version).

2 thoughts on “Matrix and Quaternion FAQ

  1. Over my 30+ year career developing and flying spacecraft, I have developed some methods for dealing with the complexities of attitude description, kinematics and dynamics. I have some of these available on my website:

    In addition to the material there, I have also done work in generating continuous maneuvers and quaternion interpolation.

    As I lean toward the end of my career, I hope to disseminate the work I have done. I believe much of what I have done is unique and may be lost when I retire.

    • Thank a lot, this looks like some neat material you have gathered there.
      I’ll definitely have a look at your work on quaternion interpolation at least.

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