Skateboard, urban exploration and light

Skateboard, urban exploration and light: this combination makes a surprisingly warm atmosphere. There is no soundtrack in this short by Juan Rayos, the only music is the sound of the skater, Kilian Martin, performing in this big abandoned building.

The natural light of the Sun through the windows, the dust getting up in the air as the skate hits the wooden floor, the emptiness of the place, all build a very warm and quiet mood, while on the opposite the raw editing conveys all the tension due to the difficulty to achieve the tricks.

A lot of care is shown in the composition and the use of light. Most shots are flawless in that regard.

The Breitling Jet Team

This one is for flight enthusiasts.

The Breitling Jet Team (Patrouille Breitling) was founded in the early 80s and had its name changed a couple of times as its sponsor changed. According to the Wikipedia article, Breitling invested in 2003 and allowed the team to grow from a four ships formation to a seven ships one.

In 2010 the paint scheme of the aircrafts was redesigned, and since then various videos have been recorded and made available. For anyone interested in aerobatics, they’re a delight to watch. In the first of these two you can hear the team leader driving the execution, giving it a moody atmosphere. The team performs on a regular basis, especially in Europe, so you might be interested in checking its display dates.

Noah takes a photo of himself every day for 12.5 years

Noah Kalina has been taking a self portrait every day for over twelve years, and uploaded yesterday on Youtube a new time-lapse video of this work in progress. There are a couple of such videos on Internet, but this one is the longest time span I am aware of. During seven minutes, you can not only see how his face evolves as he ages, but also get a glimpse of his outfit style as well as his professional and personals lives.

Molecular Visualizations of DNA

This post is a topic a bit different from the usual on this blog, but I thought the following video to be really worth sharing. Made back in 2003, it was featured on the Astronomy Picture of the Day yesterday (if you want your daily delivery of stunning pictures, just subscribe to their feed) and shows a visualization of the DNA, including the incredible replication process.