Opening sequence of Vakondok 2 / Moleman 2

The Hungarian producer and director Matusik Szilárd published the final version of the opening of the documentary about the demoscene he and his team made: Vakondok 2, aka. Moleman 2. The whole film, which is about 90mn long, premiered in November in Budapest and will likely be screened in various places around the World in 2012.

The sequence is a mix of many classics of the demoscene, from early days to recent years. How many productions are you able to identify?

Here is the trailer of the film:

Cortex sous vide, spheres on a plane

Last month at the Norwegian demoparty Kindergarden, Gloom and Kusma of the group Excess released a short and stylish PC demo: cortex sous vide. Here is a video of it on Youtube, but if you have a decent PC I recommend you to download the actual demo and run it to enjoy the slick rendering. Kusma later announced they were releasing the source code of some of their demos.

Ealier this year, on Easter, the group Dead Roman released at The Gathering a very unusual production, spheres on a plane, that impressed me both technically and artistically. Here is an article on the thoughts and work behind the demo: Behind the spheres on the plane.