Epsilon, a 64k intro by Mercury

Last weekend the demogroup Mercury released at Tokyo Demo Fest the final version of their invitation to the upcoming Revision party: a 64kB demo called Epsilon. While the complexity of the scenes is very limited, the rendering, seemingly a raymarching shader, features a couple of very noteworthy real-time effects including ambient occlusion, reflexion (up to two iterations it seems) and refraction, caustics, and an hexagonal bokeh depth of field.

2 thoughts on “Epsilon, a 64k intro by Mercury

  1. Maximum reflection depth is eight iterations in the final – two iterations in the party version – I forgot to change the constant there…
    Six iterations for refractions – because you don’t need more for those scenes.
    It’s a mix of standard raytracing intersection tests and sphere tracing.

    Greetings las/mercury

  2. And of course: thank you for writing a blog post dedicated to our intro – seems you are one of the first to do that!

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